Marc Faber still bullish on Gold prospects

Marc Faber, editor of the “Gloom, Boom & Doom Report”has told a recent international investor meeting that Gold is still his best investment recommendation for the next 10 years despite its recent gains in the last few years.

Faber told a CPA Association meeting in Abu Dhabi that gold is his asset class of choice for the next 10 years.

In an earlier interview Faber made the very bullish statement that “investors should by some gold, every month, forever.”

Faber said that holding cash and bonds exposes investors to more dangers than holding equities, though he believes that equities are unlikely to make money given coming inflation. This ‘coming inflation’ is one of the big reasons to hold Gold for investors.

He advises long-term term investors to “buy gold and equities, especially globally diversified gold and resource stocks”, and to “invest in emerging and frontier markets”, which he believes have much better growth prospects over the next 20 years than the developed markets.

Mr Faber is a well known and respected anlayst and his views should be considered in portfoloio management .