Could Gold go to $30,000 per ounce?!?!?

Ben Davies, CEO of Hinde Capital. recently published a document discussing the issues of perceived Gold price fixing, the problems inherent in all fiat currencies and the massive debt obligations of the USA, UK and other G10 nations.  And it gives some staggering potential price figures for gold.

When the gold price was artificially held down in the 1960s to $35, and President Nixon changed the system in 1971, then over the next 8 years the Gold price rose to $850 an ounce. Such a rise now would take the Gold price way over $30,000 an ounce.

Mr Davies is at pains to say he is not ‘forecasting’ such prices but it is an example of what can happen when a price is constrained artificially and then freed to let free market forces influence the price towards a ‘real’ market price.

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