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For centuries gold has been considered to be a sound investment by discerning investors looking to build or secure their wealth.

Of course the price has always fluctuated, just like any other type of investment, but with that being said the price of gold over the last decade has remained on a steady trend upwards.

That’s good news for anyone looking to invest in something substantial, that doesn’t reach the highs and lows of some other types of investments. History tells us that gold has not only been valued for its many uses and its beauty, but also as a haven when financial times are troubled.

Want a nest egg for your retirement that you count on, even when the financial world seems like it’s gone crazy? Then look into gold. For such a soft metal, gold is certainly hardy, as it is impervious to most harsh chemicals. It will not erode in water, and air does not effect it.

Gold’s purity and the fact that you didn’t have to do too much to it to make it look incredible meant it became an invaluable part of many early civilizations. Even as early as ancient Greece Gold had come to be used as a form of money.

Today we still see gold as highly desirable, and use it as a form of currency. Gold is certainly useful today, and is mainly used in electronics, car-making and other industrial processes. National currencies have an arbitrary value that is essentially based on nothing but a promise. In turbulent times, the value of a nation’s currency can be reduced significantly. When these situations arise, gold becomes invaluable.

While the government can essentially print the value of your money away, gold retains its value or increases because you simply can’t print more of it. In the absence of confidence in a country or currency, gold becomes the standard and stabilizing force. The ancient Egyptians and cultures like the Incas believed that gold would last forever – it was one of the reasons they choose to include gold items among the tombs, to send their [honoured| dead into the afterlife.

Ancient man was right to think that gold was an “ever lasting” material. Pieces that we dig up from under the grounds or find in elaborate tombs are still stunning thousands of years later. Because gold does not fade, like textiles, it seems as new and fresh today as it did to the people who created gold pieces all those years ago. One of the surprising elements of gold is that even items created in our past – say, one thousand years ago – still have the ability to make people stop and stare in wonder.

The great Egyptian empires understood the power of gold, and used it extensively in decoration and for religious purposes. They believed that gold would help to “fund” their dead’s afterlife. It is perhaps true that nowadays we are a little jaded by gold – we can “gold plate” items, plus we can buy replica gold whenever we want. It is no longer holds such a special significance as it did to our ancestors.

The differences today with gold are obviously that we use it in things like electronics, space exploration and mobile phones. While we may not value gold quite as much as people in the past, we certainly acknowledge that it is a useful substance, used in many applications.  Because of its numerous practical uses today, gold is still considered as important as it was to people in the past.

Our uses of gold today are a little less artistic or symbolic as those in our distant past, however gold still has a myriad of important uses.  Industry and jewellery manufacturers mainly use gold today.

While we sometimes still see it in a domestic setting (think of gold taps) it is not so fashionable or popular as it once was. We tend to be more interested in other precious metals these days, such as platinum, but it still has industrial uses within the modern world.

Another difference is that we are able to trade it on the internet. Possibly because we have almost unlimited access to it these days, via the world wide web, gold has lost a little of its appeal as a substance of beauty. Certainly because practically everyone can get their hands on gold, or gold leaf, it is not considered quite so rare these days.

The great thing today is, of course, that anyone with a little bit of spare cash can invest in gold.  Even though we may not value it today so much for its beauty, we certainly understood its monetary value, and that’s why it is still popular to trade gold.

People may have lost respect for the underlying value of gold today because of how seemingly prevalent it is in our society, but the truth is, gold is a very rare commodity and maintains a (very) prominent place in any investment portfolio.  With much of our ever increasing wealth being created and transferred by computers, it is somewhat ironic that gold plays such an integral part in the circuitry and therefore the heart of even these modern machines.

The irony is not lost on most people when they are told that while gold itself plays very little role in our actual daily wealth, it is still at the core of our computers and electronics playing a vital role in circuitry. Computers store and exchange the overwhelming majority of the world’s wealth today and have seemingly diminished the role that gold plays, but the fact is, ironically, that gold is a core component in the circuitry of these machines without which they’d struggle to perform their jobs adequately.

It will be interesting to see what happens to the price of gold when more people realise how easy it is to invest in it on the net.|Many factors have made trading gold more accessible today, and, as long as you’ve done enough homework to understand the process and the systems, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t want to also be involved.

Go back 20 years ago and the number of people buying and selling gold was tiny. Thanks to systems and the ease of transactions these days, now everyone can participate in the gold market. It is only been recently that people have seen the huge potential of the internet for trading gold, and many people have taken advantage of this now.

For most smaller investors gold has always been difficult to buy. There are now many programs available for those type of investors to directly buy gold online. Today trading gold futures and gold options are practical ways to speculate on the gold price or to hedge risk. Compared with shares, and especially since the internet made it so easy to trade them, gold has only now become a common place item to be traded.

With the increased capability of online share trading systems, commodities like gold were left behind somewhat because they’re not quite as sexy as shares.  Stocks and shares are still the most common form of investment on the net today, however if gold continues to rise gradually this ratio may change.

If the current bull market for gold continues then we’ll see a huge increase in the number of brokers and websites who will offer a convenient gold trading system.  One way to trade gold is to do “spot gold” trades, which you can participate in globally in an “over the counter” or OTC market which you can do online or through a registered broker.

One of the best things about gold is that you only need a small cash outlay to get started, and it’s easy to keep track of prices because of all the new technology online.  For very little money you too can own a gold ingot, or several, or invest in a gold trading fund.

If it fits for investment profile and you have a need for some diversity then perhaps it is time to give it a go!  One good idea before you get started is to make sure you take advantage of all of the free information available to you by subscribing to an industry newsletter – such as ours! 🙂 – or reading one of the numerous blogs on the topic so that you can keep up with current events.

So consider it as one option if you have a little spare cash lying around and you feel the need to increase the overall diversity in your personal holdings – it doesn’t take much to break into the market and once you’re there, the sky’s the limit.

It is very easy for a day trader to now buy gold coins or bullion and use those to diversify and minimize the risk of many higher investment types without having to totally revisit their entire investment strategy or plan.  Keep gold as part of your long term retirement plan or make money from selling it when the price goes up – the tools are now available to make it so easy and affordable to trade in that really the choice is yours!

With all of the technology now at our disposal and so easily available, it is very easy to keep yourself up to date on the latest news.  And if you’re an investor that likes doing considerable research, maybe even consider getting access to a forum on gold prices – and don’t forget our free reorts, see the images on the right hand side and underneath this article.